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Sanctuary For Senior Animals

Furever Haus provides sanctuary for senior animals when their owners pass-away, move to a facility or can no longer care for them. Pets live in a free range home environment with no cages or kennels sleeping wherever they choose while receiving care, love and nutritious meals.

Hartdegen Habitats Rescue

Furever Haus is proud to have the Hartdegen Habitats department now providing quality care an love to abused, neglected and disabled reptiles. Reptiles, amphibians live in habitats best suited for their special needs.

Pet-Care, Dog Walking and Exotic Animals

Furever Haus provides experienced and qualified pet care, dog walkers and habitat set up for reptiles.  We are insured, animal CPR trained and educated in pet care. Proud Member of Pet-Sitters International

  1. Who Are We

    Furever Haus, dedicated to providing love and care to those most in need

    Furever Haus is a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in Nampa, Idaho,  dedicated to providing a retirement community for senior animals  whose owners can no longer care for them due to death, moving into a facility or to frail or ill to care for them.

    We strive to keep the Furever Haus environment stress free while each animal receives crucial medical care, medication, nutritious food and lots and lots of love.  The animals that live at Furever Haus are deemed un-adoptable or hard to adopt due to advanced age, disabilities,illness or medical needs. The animals accepted are seniors in the last two years of their lives. Not every animal gets to live at Furever Haus, it is very important that the dogs and cats that we do take in are not aggressive because it is very important the senior animals here do not live in fear or intimidation, and live in harmony together. Furever Haus also helps with transport, relocation and foster programs while finding senior animals new Furever homes.  Some animals cannot live in a group or pack environment so we make every effort to help them find an appropriate rescue, foster but ultimately the goal is to find them an adoptive Furever home.  

Latest News and Blog

Stay up to date with our latest blogs and articles about pets, care,funny stuff and darn good information.

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My Open Letter To The Jerk That Dumped Their Deaf, Blind and Dying Dog At the Pound

Dear Jerk, You don’t know me. I am the one that rescued your blind, deaf and dying dog at the pound. Our rescue was contacted because of the poor condition[…]

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Determining Quality Of Life For Your Pet

At Furever Haus we constantly have to monitor our rescues to determine if the old guys that live here have quality of life. No animal should have to live in[…]

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Sanctuary For Dogs and Cats

Retirement Home

As animals age, like us their health declines and they have more needs.  Sadly as animals age their owners frequently can’t care for them or in many cases are left to fend for themselves because an owner has passed away.  Often dumped in the pound with little to no hope of adoption.   Furever Haus wants to save as many as we can but we can’t do it without your help.


Every donation helps, as little as 30 cents a day can make a big difference.  If you can donate just $10 a month, you can make sure that an animal has food, care and love.



If you would like to be a foster parent to an animal in need please complete the foster application



If you would love to open your heart and home to a senior pet in need please complete the application.  We do require a home visit for any animal adoptions.



We know that sometimes you just can’t donate, adopt or foster, but you can share our message on facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest.  It helps the rescue so much when people share our mission and message with the world.


Some of our superior services

To help support the rescue Furever Haus and The Hartdegen Habitats offers other services to animals throughout our community.  The funds are then put back into the rescue to fund care, vet visits, medication, toys, food and more.

Pet Sitting

We are proud member of Pet-Sitters International, we are pet CPR certified and trained.  We have done extensive training for pet sitting and dog walking ranging from dogs, cats, birds and exotic reptiles.

Habitat set up and reptile information

Our reptile expert has extensive training on choosing the right reptile for your family and the correct and best practices for reptile nutritional needs,  habitat set up and housing.

Dog Walking

As stated above we are experienced and trained in dog behaviors and dog walking.  We love to make sure that your dogs stays in good physical health. Dog walking also helps the busy family as well because the dog is getting the exercise that he/she requires he/she is less likely to chew up things in the house, have accidents or misbehave.

Pet Boarding

We are a free range faciity, meaning that we do not have kennels and the animals come and go throughout the house and yard as they please.  If you have a senior dog that needs care while you are away, they are up to date on shots and gets along with other animals we often board them here at the rescue while you are on vacation or away on business.

We aren’t just cats and dogs

Hartdegen Habitats

Hartdegen Habitats is the reptile department of Furever Haus and is dedicated to caring for abused, neglected and unwanted reptiles.


HH provides care, and ensures each reptile receives medical care if needed.

Kids Programs

School programs for kids to help them understand the life and care of reptiles.

Birthday Parties Reptile Adventures

Fun Reptile Birthday adventures where we bring a snake, lizards and tortoises to your childs party.  It is a hands on experience and fun for all.

Education and/Habitat set up in your home

If you need assistance setting up the proper habitat for your reptile we can help you.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

As Board President I have been in awe of the amazing things that Furever Haus, Inc. has been able to accomplish this year.  They have saved so many animals from kill shelters by providing them sanctuary or a new furever home.

Kari Caruso

Liner Corporation

I was so happy with their dog sitting ethics, when they could see that my small dog was struggling with being alone they took her to the sanctuary where she slept in their bed and played with all of the other senior dogs. I highly recommend them for your pet needs.

Lynn, Happy’s Mom


As a foster home for Furever Haus, I have been so excited to help animals find their furever homes.  It’s very rewarding and have learned so much about the love and companionship of a senior dog.  So much so I have adopted two of them.

Kassidy C.

Medical Technition with Salzer Medical

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